Ho Tram BBQ Restaurant

 photo hotrambbq_zps8068a3c3.pngWe spent another terrific holiday in Ho Tram Grand to celebrate my son’s second birthday as well as a treat for my mom visiting us.

Ho Tram is situated quite far from the busy district of Vung Tau so for food, we had to rely on the restaurants in The Grand.  But since we were craving for some barbecue, and the Dunes Bar opens only during the weekend, we decided to check out Ho Tram BBQ Restaurant which was just 5 minutes away from The Grand.

Buuuuut…the hubby had something else in mind and just decided to stay put and just call em up to order. Can it be done? YES!

The only trouble was the Ho Tram BBQ order taker don’t speak English well. Thank God for our nanny who ordered for us Pork BBQ Ribs, Garlic Shrimps, and Seafood Fried Rice.

They can’t deliver to our room so they just called us up and our nanny met up with them at the lobby. We only waited for 30 minutes for our food to arrive.

Was it good? Most definitely! I just wish we went on ahead and ate at their restaurant so we could have tried more of their dishes.

If you’re heading up to Ho Tram for a holiday, do check out Ho Tram BBQ Restaurant. Here’s their Facebook page. Prior to going, I chatted with them over YM and they pretty much answered all my questions.



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4 Responses to Ho Tram BBQ Restaurant

  1. Clare says:

    How to go Ho Tram BBQ Restaurant from the The Grand?

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