Return to The Grand Ho Tram Strip

Okay so we returned to The Grand in Ho Tram this month to celebrate my younger son’s second birthday. Can I just live in this resort, please? 😛

 photo IMG_1606_zps1d0399d2.jpg

I wrote about 7 Reasons Why I Liked Ho Tram Grand on our first visit. Here’s more reasons why the whole family love The Grand:

  1. Surrounded with so much loveliness

Some would say luxury. Maybe. But for me, part of a relaxing holiday is to be surrounded by beautiful things — just a well-placed ornament, photo 20140419_133547_zps54917240.jpg

a stunning mosaic — photo IMG_0150_zpsa2590b8e.jpg

or even a clean and well-stocked bathroom. I just love the lights and chandeliers! photo IMG_0148_zpsa0088a20.jpg2. A safe and entertaining place for the kids and teens to play

 photo IMG_1557_zpse01a6203.jpg

We brought our nanny with us but even our nanny deserves a break. photo IMG_1548_zps4ca061d2.jpg

Thanks to Kids Corner for taking care of our son while we relax at our room and by the pool. Sam even met a kid he spent the afternoon to play with. photo IMG_1553_zps0048a7ae.jpg

No it’s not just about computers and Wii, kids can play with real toys and books. photo IMG_1559_zpsb144a74e.jpg

There’s an outdoor area as well. photo IMG_1551_zpsb009df20.jpg

  1. A 1.2 meter pool for adults

 photo IMG_1444_zps83f922f2.jpgI don’t know about you but I am vertically challenged and I love swimming in a pool that does not scare me because it’s too deep for my height. Admittedly, I am not a strong swimmer and it would be nice for resorts to design their pool for people like me who want to enjoy a dip without needing to keep an eye on the nearest lifesaver or lifeguard. 😛

If kids can have their kiddie pool, small folks like me should have one too. 😀

4. A safe beach

 photo IMG_1374_zps1297720d.jpg

The Ho Tram Beach can be nasty at certain times and I like the fact that the lifeguards really stand guard at the beach placing flags around the beach to let the people know if they can swim or not. photo IMG_1515_zps0b954fc6.jpg

I didn’t get to take a photo but there’s a huge sign as you’re coming down the steps from the resort to the beach that lets you know the meaning of the flags. photo 20140418_071602_zps639a525b.jpg

Since it’s jellyfish season too, they make it a point to clean the beach every morning of jellyfish. But nope, they’re not the deadly box jellyfish, but then again, each person has different reactions to jellyfish sting. The lifeguards remind people too! photo 20140418_072056_zps0bfff7a8.jpg5. Restful sleep.
 photo IMG_1353_zps40ade0ad.jpgYou know the feeling of waking up rested? And feeling that you’ve slept for hours and you’ve only literally slept for a few hours?
 photo IMG_1356_zps33b7ebfd.jpg

That’s how it felt like for me. Especially after a stressful few days, it was just a blessing to rest.

 photo IMG_1351_zpsf89adc90.jpgThanks Ho Tram for a memorable holiday!

 photo 20140418_155333_zps2bb3f684.jpg

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2 Responses to Return to The Grand Ho Tram Strip

  1. Yen Phan says:

    Agree with the 1.2m pool 🙂 I was a bit scared with the Sky garden pool today, even the most shallow place – 1.4m

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