Master’s Cup at Panorama

On our first trip to Master’s Cup on a bike, it seemed so far, far away in the area of Canh Vien. Then one time on our bike ride, we didn’t see it anymore. That’s when we saw their new coffee shop at Panorama which was a more ideal location for me.
 photo 20140503_080217_zpse9078246.jpgSo after our Saturday bike ride, hubby and I decided to check the place.

 photo 20140503_080144_zps73490ebb.jpgCozy interiors conducive for chatting up with friends or those who would like to learn English.

 photo 20140503_080148_zps75d34d4f.jpg

I apologize to the boy who sat with us who we didn’t get to talk with because we were still catching our breath from the bike ride. photo 20140503_080237_zps7cc4c525.jpgThey have a terrific menu. And our breakfast was delicious or I was really just too hungry from our workout.

 photo 20140503_083236_zps95dd1edb.jpgWill come back for this.

 photo 20140503_081934_zps18a7cf27.jpg

I know I can cook this from my own kitchen but once in a while, why not have someone else cook it for you? 😛 photo 20140503_081951_zpscd27e62e.jpgThe hubby had the tuna melt. He said it was good but he would have preferred to tone down the pickles a bit.

I had the lemon slush while the hubby had the ca phe sua da. Love mine. Hubby said that Master’s Cup ca phe sua da is waaaaay better than the designer ca phe sua da [read: some High end coffee shop] he has tried. 😛

 photo InstagramCapture_06b8d6cd-f2a7-41a0-9c74-34ad879c1ba3_zpse4715a31.jpgFrom our seat, we had the best view of our bikes and the river. I think it was a real good idea that Master’s Cup moved to this area.

 photo 20140503_0802571_zps11a301b4.jpgVisit Master’s Cup Coffee House from Tuesday-Saturday (8am to 10pm).

Master’s Cup Coffee House
206 Tran Van Tra, Panorama
P. Tan Phong, Q7
+84 8 66822204


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