Rainbow Loom Fever

I know you’re probably thinking, “What the?” But I’m a mom of two boys (YES Rainbow Loom can be for boys too! If you don’t believe me, you’ve got to see Justin Toys Tutorials) and I need to find ways to entertain those two. photo 20140428_095608_zps9d082b6f.jpgI’ve actually heard about Rainbow Loom for a long time from mommy friends in the Philippines but I haven’t seen such in Vietnam. Luckily, I have a mommy friend who is into such things too and found a supplier.

 photo 20140428_103916_zps2e3453e1.jpg

When you’re in Saigon, most stuff are for delivery. 😉 So it was quite easy transacting with Mr. Raymond of Rainbow Loom VN.

 photo 20140502_153908_zps58c071d3.jpgWith the long weekend because of the Reunification Day and Labor Day holidays, it was a good time to learn looming and getting your kid to do band sorting for you.

 photo 20140502_163915_zps1fee0cab.jpgI don’t like the neon colors and the glittery ones but my son loves them so that I can make bracelets for his friends. His interest ended in sorting and telling me what colors should go with what for friend X.

 photo 20140502_220529_zps3d39a5d1.jpgThese bands glow in the dark. Pretty cool.

 photo 20140502_205839_zpsbf18e87d.jpgThese glittery ones smell sweet.

 photo 20140501_111419_zpsc77b0205.jpgBut my first actual loom creation is an octopus that my son insisted I make. It took days as I was pretty busy and I can only do this with You Tube on.

 photo 20140501_111340_zps90b8b4be.jpgMy mom-friend, Armi made me this bike loom bracelet. She knows my favorite colors real well. It’s fun to get into a craft with other friends so you can share the cost of delivery. Hahaha!

 photo 20140501_193138_zps4c45049e.jpgAs I’ve seen a lot of bracelet designs, I still like sticking to the simplest. This is the fishtail design which is simple but elegant.

 photo 20140501_164755_zps22fb4c55.jpgThis blue and green ensemble is the inverted fishtail.

 photo 20140501_164443_zpsfd2747d2.jpgThe hubby isn’t spared from my craft weekend that I had him wear this black and white Hexafish. Not so easy. The bands get stretched too much methinks.

 photo 20140502_083611_zps053aab05.jpgBecause I liked the 3 dimensional quality of the Hexafish without that overstretching, I decided to use 4 corners instead of 6. I don’t know what this yellow and orange band is called but it makes use of the same procedure in making a Hexafish.

So there, if you’re looking for Rainbow Loom in Saigon, contact Mr. Raymond 0906781102 or 09067891102. Add 30,000 VND for delivery charges. 😉

Happy looming!


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