Taking the Train

Needless to say, we’ve had a terrible experience taking the train in Saigon way back in 2010. No, it wasn’t because the train was bad but because the weather was. We were supposed to take the plane back from Nha Trang to Saigon but since there was a typhoon and the runway was flooded, there was no way we could get home. So we took the train which then got stranded for 8 hours because there was flooding on the railways. A train ride that should have taken 6-8 hours turned 23 hours. So you can understand my apprehension about riding on one again.
 photo 20140509_061103_zps11fc912a.jpgSo last Friday, we took the SPT2 to Phan Thietand yesterday, the SPT1 back to Saigon. Finally, I understood what SPT means! S stands for Saigon, PT for Phan Thiet! *slaps forehead*

 photo 20140509_061332_zps550619a1.jpgThe train was not a luxury type but I have to say, it was clean, decent, and actually comfortable. My main issue is that the kids would be comfortable and it was. My younger son was able to walk around the coach when he got bored sitting down for the 4 hour ride. photo IMG_1664_zps4f744296.jpg

Since we took the train early in the morning, we were served with bread and the standard mineral water.

 photo 20140509_061536_zps73897104.jpgHubby was actually surprised how easy it is easy to travel to Mui Ne using the train and wished we found out about this sooner. Coz really, it’s much more convenient than getting on a car where you have to ride on bumpy roads and do stopovers for the WC.

Overall, I’d recommend using the train in Vietnam when visiting the country if you don’t mind the hours sitting on one.


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2 Responses to Taking the Train

  1. Yen Phan says:

    Btw, if you want to travel to Nha Trang by train, search for Blue Train which is better than a normal one. You can get on at around 8 and arrive in NT in the early morning.

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