Nhà Có Hai Người Shop

Our Saturday lunch brought us to a happy find at Tiffany’s Nhà Có Hai Người Shop conveniently located in her home. photo IMG_1955_zps2da6002d.jpgTiffany’s working kitchen serves also as a display area of home decor and accessories she’s selling. Those cookware on and under the kitchen table are all for sale.

 photo IMG_1944_zps9d08a2e6.jpgThe place looks creative and whimsical. photo IMG_1984_zps0d43262d.jpg

Lots of stuff to choose from.  😉

 photo IMG_1942_zps751d3581.jpgResisting not to buy was futile.

 photo IMG_1939_zps6d0ddd84.jpgBeautifully designed bowls called out to me….

 photo IMG_1938_zps45313f5a.jpgI especially liked the oddly shaped ones —

 photo IMG_1934_zpsaeb39614.jpg

All items are sourced from Japan. photo IMG_1946_zpsa48c6c3a.jpgAs much as I like to have plates set with one design, it’s nice to have an odd plate.

 photo 20140517_122717_zpsf51677e5.jpg

It makes the whole dining experience nicer I think. 🙂 photo 20140517_122648_zps41d80765.jpg

You can visit their home to check out what they’re selling or just go check their Facebook page and have the items you like delivered. The price starts from 15,000 VND. 😉 Real affordable!

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4 Responses to Nhà Có Hai Người Shop

  1. Dieu Tran says:

    I laugh when reading the name of this shop. So cute and ‘Vietnamese’

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