Biking for a Green Environment

 photo IMG_2110_zps4734c641.jpgOn June 5, 2014, the world will be celebrating the World Environment Day. The US Embassy, Intel Vietnam, and the Saigon Times banded together to promote a greener HCMC by hosting a bike ride at the Crescent-Phu My Hung Area in District 7.

 photo IMG_2108_zpse9986c72.jpg

At 6:30 AM today, bikers convened to prepare for the 5 kilometer ride (I know it’s so short! But we all have to start somewhere!). photo IMG_2113_zps9f1957a1.jpgSome 300 bicycles were made available to the attendees.

 photo IMG_2122_zps5918e30c.jpgThere was a short program at around 7 am under the sweltering heat of the sun but everyone was in good spirits.

 photo IMG_2127_zps3e26fc10.jpgI spotted Huy, owner of Vietnam Bike Tours who helped organized the event providing 200 bicycles if I remember correctly.

 photo IMG_2130_zps05e9057c.jpgAt 8 am, the bikers spilled into the street of Nguyen Luong Bang biking towards Nguyen Duc Canh.

 photo IMG_2134_zps378035d0.jpgA number of kids joined the event as well. 🙂

 photo IMG_2136_zpsb676adb6.jpgThe participants got free breakfast and helmets/cap. 😀

 photo IMG_2145_zps2cbed08d.jpgI biked after them and rushed through the inner neighborhood to catch the bikers at Dunkin Donuts. I’m glad I caught this photo of hubby!

 photo IMG_2159_zps159dea24.jpgSo cool to see this guy lugging his kiddos. Gotta start them young!

 photo IMG_2160_zps22df2273.jpgOur friends, Melvin and Nix were there too.

 photo IMG_2161_zps7e01c632.jpgThe boys in our biking group felt that 5km was too short so this group has been up since 5 AM taking on a 25km route.

 photo IMG_2120_zpse1572228.jpg

Overall, the event was a success. I just wish they opened it more to biking enthusiasts. I’m pretty sure lots of biking groups in Saigon would have been interested to join.

Happy World Environment Day!

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