Food Trip: German Corner

I have been itching to write this post for a couple of weeks now after being assigned to interview Mike Thoma of German Corner for The Breakfast Club article in Oi Magazine’s June issue.
 photo IMG_1912_zpsb4079b34.jpgAm really not familiar with German cuisine so I was truly looking forward to this interview.

 photo IMG_1913_zps35b6493a.jpgThe 6 month old German Corner is found in front of Huong Vuong 1 along Nguyen Van Linh St. in Phu My Hung.

 photo IMG_1911_zpsca7ee7d8.jpgI was late for my interview but Mike was still all smiles when he met up with me (thank God!). Mike is originally from Moenchengladbach, Germany. Saigon has been his home for the past 12 years. After a failed relationship, he decided to travel to Asia and take time off work as well, as a moat builder. He literally fell in love with and in Vietnam. He and his seamstress wife, Thuy Thien run the German Corner.

 photo IMG_1910_zpsc895795f.jpgWhile apartment hunting and finding a space for Thuy Thien’s workshop, they chanced upon this corner in Phu My Hung and Mike thought it would be perfect for a German pub. And so it is.

 photo IMG_1923_zps45d1f373.jpgMike had no real experience managing a restaurant but with the help of his wife and mother — who is behind all the gastronomic German recipes offered — the German Corner has been attracting lots of customers.

 photo IMG_1924_zps5cbf4794.jpgI was treated to taste the Schnitzel with a squeeze of lemon, the Butcher Platter, the Sausage Platter, and a basket of bread.

 photo IMG_1925_zps6640c01e.jpgI loved the Sausage Platter and would definitely recommend this. But according to Mike, their Pork Knuckle is their bestseller — best beer buddy.

 photo IMG_1921_zps70c58f3f.jpgI do not drink beer. I’ve tried once and I didn’t like it but Mike persuaded to me to at least try a shandy (70% Bitburger and 30% Sprite). It was verrrrry good. If beer tasted that way, I’d be an alcoholic. 😛

I asked Mike if Germans ever drink water — and he said that yes but they really prefer beer. In the morning, its coffee but after that beer is pretty much their water. Eighteen is the legal age to drink beer in Germany but he says some do get to taste their first beer at a much younger age with their parents.

 photo IMG_1930_zps9157564f.jpgThanks Mike for the treat and beer! Prost!

German Corner
A001-003 Huong Vuong 1
Nguyen Van Linh St., PMH
District 7, HCMC


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5 Responses to Food Trip: German Corner

  1. Lovely pictures, all the food looks wonderful also.

  2. I LOVED the cheese sausage (even though I’m not a big cheese fan)!

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