Things To Do With Your Kids This School Break

In just two weeks, its school break once again. I cringe at the thought of entertaining my 5 year old on top of a toddler wreaking havoc on a daily basis. Time to bring out those busy bags/boxes and arts & crafts boxes.

If you live in Phu My Hung, here are some of my suggestions, especially if you’re worried your child is getting too much screen time.

Bring them to Le Sable Mom ‘n Kids Café

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsc7b28dbf.jpgLet them play in the sand or in the play area where there are a number of educational toys. Really excellent stuff. This will set you back 60,000 VND per hour. But a quietly engaged pre-schooler while you chill as you sip a cup of coffee for an hour? Priceless.

Study art at Sunflower Art

 photo 20130626_100352_zps27f62c93.jpg
Kids love to paint or just come home with colorful hands. While they are at it, might as well let them try their hands in creating something beautiful or errr…abstract. 😛 We tried it last year and Sam had a lot of fun.

  1. Enroll in summer school, Kids Club SaigonGymboree or Kindermusik

 photo ssis_zps7e4e1c9f.png

Although it gets pricey, enrolling your kids to summer school might be a good idea too. We’ve tried trial classes in all four but wasn’t able to follow through. The kids have great experiences in all four. 😀

Enroll in a sports school – Saigon Sports Academy or Arsenal Soccer School

 photo 577853_10151785715122646_1015685350_n_zpsc84159d1.jpgIn my heyday, I studied football for years until my mom said stop coz my legs were becoming like logs. But while in Vietnam, football is it! Sam tried for football in SSA in Term 2 I think. It didn’t work out. He has not fully grasped the idea of team work and organized sports. 😛 But we think we might give it a try again.

Play with blocks photo 20130621_180343_zps46e19316.jpg

If you haven’t invested in blocks at home,  there’s Lego Brain and Lego Edu & Play. Take your pick.


 photo 20140513_180418_zps5746b1ac.jpgLast year, we bought our son a bike. We just removed the training wheels or in Sam’s words, “Stabilizers”.   I guess it’s time to seriously teach the boy bike in 2 wheels. Or go on bike trips ’round the neighborhood.

Run around at the park

 photo 20140602_082336_zps75847b8c.jpgAnother great activity is to bring your kids to the park. PMH has lots of green spaces. I especially like the park across Crescent in Ton Dat Tien and in Canh Vien. If your apartment complex has an area where your kids can run safely, all the better! Arrange a playdate with your kids’ friends while you’re at it.

Chalk Art

 photo IMG_20140525_180942_zps965c9ee9.jpg

A cheap activity is to buy dustless chalks for your kids and let them paint chalk the town with their “art”.

Go swimming photo 20140515_090930_zpscdf4440b.jpg

 If you live in an apartment building, chances are, it’s equipped with a pool. What better way to ward off the Saigon heat by taking a dip in the pool with the kiddos? The pool at the YOFI Center in Sky Garden 2 is open to the public at 35,000 VND per child or 50,000 VND per adult. There’s an ongoing promo too — free swim from 6 am – 8 am for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Give your child a headstart in academics

If your child loves learning academically, why not try enrolling in: Superbrain, Supermind or Kumon.

Teach your kids the value of money

 photo IMG_1187_zps9bdc49f3.jpg

Have fun while you watch your kid earn kiddie money at Vietopia (District 7) or Kizciti (District 4).

Visit the zoo!


Technically, this is outside Phu My Hung but hey, no matter how many times we visit the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens, it’s always a hit!

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4 Responses to Things To Do With Your Kids This School Break

  1. Adele says:

    There is a new place in Phu My Hung, behind Hung Vung 2, called Amin. It has a soft play downstairs on 2 levels with a slide and ball pool. Upstairs is a huge space filled with quality toys. Mostly wooden, loads of blocks and bricks, and I mean loads. There is even an outside space to sit and order snacks or bring your own. A great new addition for those with young children. Check it out!

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