EVN Electricity Bill New Look

So my agent told me last year that EVN would not be sending out billing statements anymore in the form of paper.  Well, that didn’t happen. 😛 Instead, last month, EVN began sending out this:
 photo 20140613_085939_zps69ae0818.jpgIt’s basically like a receipt you’d get from any grocery.  It’s actually thinner and is printed on fax paper. It can quickly get lost in your mailbox if you haven’t been clearing ’em out.

Today, this electric bill flew out of my mailbox when I opened it. If I wasn’t watching out for it, I wouldn’t have seen it at all. Last month, a friend didn’t think anything of this and threw the paper out only to realize after I told her that it’s the new electric bill. She had to garbage dive.

I’m all for lessening the carbon footprint — maybe the online bill is better than this flimsy paper.

Just saying.


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