My Favorite Bike Paths in Phu My Hung

With both my sons at home because it’s school break, there’s not much time to do exploring a whole lot. And since we’ve had 3 out of town trips already this year (and it’s just half of the year!), I don’t think we’ll be going out this break. With a 50-50 chance of moving by mid next year, we don’t really want to go out of VN now. As much as possible, I try to enjoy our neighborhood while I can on my bike. *sniff*

Here are some of my favorite bike paths in Phu My Hung for leisure biking (and sometimes cardio-workout).

Behind Sky Garden
 photo 20140528_085606_zpsd495d182.jpgWhen I find myself without biking buddies and I’m itching to ride, I just head to the back of Sky Garden by the river. There’s a 0.5km road there. I just go round and round to meet my target. It’s not so bad in the early morning as it’s really a perfect place to bike, jog, and run. It’s quite popular for dog walking too. But don’t get caught here when the sun is high up.

The Crescent
 photo 20140615_095701_zpsa4703637.jpg


When our friend was still recovering from a knee injury, we were staying away from high bridges, that’s why we discovered that The Crescent was a good area to go around in the mornings — especially on weekdays when people are usually at work. Hubby and I bring the boys here too on our bikes (I knooooow my eldest is so heavy!) during Sunday mornings if we can.

The Crescent Park

 photo 20140602_082336_zpsd5149eaf.jpgAcross the Crescent Lake is the park where you can bike in the shade of the trees. The road is not asphalt so it’s not that smooth to ride on.
 photo 20140513_080827_zps681f28c0.jpg

Ha Huy Tap and Dang Duc Thuat Streets

 photo 20140530_090430_zpse654f6ff.jpg

Couldn’t seem to find the photo of Ha Huy Tap which is flanked by umbrella trees — a perfect bike spot away from the heat. But another nice bike path is Dang Duc Thuat because like Ha Huy Tap, it’s not a busy street. During the weekends, you can find couples having their prenuptial photos taken along these two roads. We do our best to photobomb! 😛

Canh Vien Park
 photo 20140517_070241_zpse2943cbc.jpgI love going round the Canh Vien Park. 1 round is approximately 1 kilometer. It’s quiet here and on Saturday mornings (verrrrry early), you can find groups playing badminton on one of the sides of the park.

 photo 20140517_070153_zps05018829.jpg
During weekdays, we’d sometimes find a group doing yoga by the man-made ponds.  A truly relaxing park.

 Nguyen Huu Tho
 photo 20140409_060006_zpsf0325a46.jpgFor a bit of a challenge, Nguyen Huu Tho is a good place to bike. Hubby and I usually start from Nguyen Van Linh till the roundabout right after Cau Ba Chiem (Ba Chiem Bridge), then turn around. This route has 3 major bridges.

 photo IMG_1318_zps60548052.jpgIt’s perfect in the wee hours of the morning and you see for yourself how river life unfolds.

Nguyen Binh

 photo 20140524_063740_zpsae0e674d.jpgOff the roundabout of Nguyen Huu Tho, is Nguyen Binh which is home for industrial parks.  There’s not a lot going on here during the weekends and it has a huge bridge you can cross too.  photo 20140524_063607_zps666ceea4.jpg

Some interesting sights as well.

 photo 20140524_064006_zps6a5c437b.jpgBut if you really want some challenge, you can try the 30 km bike ride along Nguyen Van Linh with 8 bridges or just outside Phu My Hung is Can Gio.



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