A few months back Nga & Liem came to me about launching their postcard collection. And now, they’ve finally launched and their beautiful postcards are available in Saigon Kitsch and Ginkgo Concept Store. There are 40 awesome designs and below are some of my favorites.

 photo Postcard-1_zpse56b4850.jpg

 photo Postcard-9_zpsbb64543b.jpg

 photo Postcard-8_zpsdd18610c.jpg
 photo Postcard-63_zps9024df9b.jpgI tell you it’s hard to just choose a few!

 photo Postcard-59_zpsfe22b88c.jpg
 photo Postcard-51_zpsea0d4324.jpgI love this postcard of the smiling children!

 photo Postcard-52_zps00ac613a.jpg

Love the sunshine! photo Postcard-48_zps05528537.jpg
 photo Postcard-44_zpsc94a7e5d.jpg
 photo Postcard-39_zps43e1531f.jpg
 photo Postcard-38_zps727c7eeb.jpg

The yellow hues just make the whole shot so happy.
 photo Postcard-31_zps1e18dc24.jpg
 photo Postcard-29_zpsf516ca22.jpg

The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral —-
 photo Postcard-23_zpsd5859405.jpg
 photo Postcard-19_zps24ba26ff.jpg
 photo Postcard-16_zpsb267630d.jpg
 photo Postcard-14_zps8db7bc72.jpgPostcards are 25,000 VND each.

To see the whole collection and if you want to purchase, please check the Postcards for Sale page.


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  1. They all are very touch 🙂

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