AMIN Playground

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Things To Do With Your Kids This School Break (in PMH) and Adele mentioned AMIN Playground in Hung Vuong 2. AMIN is short for Amazing Moments In Nursery and interestingly in Filipino, AMIN means OURS. So for me the place meant, Our Playground. 🙂

 photo 20140625_110034_zpsfe28d12b.jpg

The 1st floor of the play place houses a play gym and an open area where kids can climb the walls—
 photo 20140625_105653_zpsf148e8ea.jpg

play ball or go round on the toy rides.
 photo 20140625_105555_zps10c8f1e1.jpg

On the second floor is a real child’s haven!
 photo 20140625_111712_zpsef74dc1f.jpg

There were toys everywhere! And they were not cheap! Most were imported from the US.
 photo 20140625_110834_zps01e84200.jpg

I spied Melissa & Doug products here.


Toys from Froebel Gifts.

 photo 20140625_110533_zps494f2675.jpg

There were also toys from CitiBlocs —  photo 20140625_110137_zpsf9c46cc7.jpg

I just love they have so much educational toys around.

 photo 20140625_124255_zps1e13ed79.jpg


The cost by the way is 60,000 VND for each kid for unlimited play!

 photo 20140625_105933_zps96f3dbd0.jpg

You can stay for as long as you like during its open hours from 9 am to 9 pm. You can even go home and go back and you don’t have to pay the entrance fee again!

 photo 20140625_110018_zpsfc663c55.jpg

They currently have a promo offer as posted in the photo above.

 photo 20140625_110957_zps2935f9e8.jpg

Everyone is asked to wear socks (even the adults) so better bring a pair. But should you forget, they sell socks for only 20,000 VND (kids/adults) which ain’t bad. The socks for the kids are those type that is slip-proof.

 photo 20140625_105642_zps05e5d1d9.jpg

And if you got the little ones with your, they also have free diaper and hot water (I guess for the milk). They think of everything! We were even offered snacks for the kids!

We stayed for 3 hours coz we couldn’t get out because of the rain but they do sell food as well so if you didn’t bring any snacks with you, the kids are not going to go hungry.

 photo 20140625_124905_zps1e0aec56.jpg

What did the adults do while the kids were busy? We just lounged on the bean bags! 😀

 photo 20140625_110127_zps078c4f2e.jpg

AMIN (Amazing Moments In Nursery) Playground
S32-1 Hung Vuong 2, PMH, D7

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