Urban Micro-Farming

I was biking along one of my favorite bike paths in Phu My Hung when I spotted a few houses having their own vegetable garden or mini-farms.
 photo 20140701_082319_zpsb386636c.jpgSo jealous! I really want to plant my own garden. But with condo-living, all we can afford is a pot of basil or oregano which has met their untimely demise falling down from the 7th floor because of the recent rains and strong winds.

 photo 20140701_082601_zpsd0294d86.jpg

I’ve seen some homes with veggies in huge styrofoam boxes but some have converted their backyard into plots. And this bike path is full of papaya trees and banana trees. Don’t wonder seeing a banana tree or malunggay tree bereft of it’s leaves. You know where it goes to! photo 20140701_082438_zpse3e544e8.jpgMy favorite is the mini hydroponic farm. Back in 2007, I was fortunate to meet Mr. Lyndon Tan in Cavite, Philippines. He was one of the pioneers of hydroponic farming in my country. Lyndon’s company Basic Necessity introduced Salad Time. They’d harvest the vegetables early in the morning, prep for packaging and by after lunch, the products are well on its way to the supermarkets.

Sigh. Sometimes, I miss having a real house.

For now, gotta get a new pot of oregano.


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2 Responses to Urban Micro-Farming

  1. Lidia says:

    I love this road too!! if you like the farming world check in facebook about Green Youth Collective, you would love their work about micro farms at rooftops in HCMC and nice urban farms in D2!

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