A Day in the Zoo

There’s only so much you can entertain your kids with during the break. So had to check our list again on what to do with the kids during the school break.  Last week, we went back to Vietopia and luckily they have a weekday promo at 130,000 VND for each kid!
 photo IMG_2225_zpsf4945342.jpgBut for this week, we decided, a trip to the zoo is IT!

 photo IMG_2224_zps27f7da5a.jpgHow can you say no to 15,000 VND per kid? Less than a dollar! And the botanical gardens kept everybody cool.

 photo IMG_2228_zps0fc68582.jpgI think it’s our 4th time to visit the zoo but it is always fun seeing the animals while teaching the kids as well.

 photo IMG_2230_zps30c6509b.jpgAnd if the kids get tired, there is a mini amusement park inside too.

 photo IMG_2231_zps1b0e35cd.jpgLuckily the animals kept them interested and we had a grand time talking about what they ate, how big or small, or smelly they are! 😛

 photo IMG_2245_zpsd805fe3c.jpgThe kids also fed the elephants with sugarcane at 2,000 VND each.

 photo IMG_2253_zps2172b309.jpgAs much as I am not all for animals in captivity, at least the Thao Cam Vien are able to take care of the animals real well. My heart is still in tears seeing Raju freed from 50 years in captivity in India.

 photo IMG_2262_zps530b43d0.jpgThe kids of course couldn’t help compare the animals to what they’ve seen in the movie, Madagascar.

 photo IMG_2272_zpscd6478a1.jpgThe Thao Cam Vien has a lot of species but the kids were sadly disappointed not to see dinosaurs. 😛

 photo IMG_2278_zpsd2b67a2f.jpgSeriously. The kids were looking for dinosaurs. At least these were kids unlike the news that came out recently about Steven Spielberg killing a triceratops. Now that’s a laugh!

 photo IMG_2288_zps4dbec21f.jpg

My favorite part of our visit is seeing this atop of the trees flying free, unencumbered by cages.

 photo IMG_2291_zps58cbc532.jpg

I’m just not sure what it’s called. photo IMG_2294_zps240a5c2a.jpgThere were black bears, crocodiles, tigers, lions —

 photo IMG_2295_zps57659af9.jpg


To cap of our visit, we rode on one of the carts that drove around the zoo which costs 15,000 VND for adults and 10,000 VND for kids.

Don’t know what to do with your kids this summer break? Take them to the zoo!



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