No Limits: Chau, the Vietnamese Painter

 photo 10525607_794567290578084_8055715170742358989_n_zps8925cd48.jpgWe were visiting friends at Dragon Hill, Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7 when we chanced upon Vietnamese painter, Chau creating his next artwork.

My son Sam and his friend Sophia, were both stunned to see him working with his mouth.

On the ride to Dragon Hill, the kids were both discussing about the poor and the disabled so I was watching their reaction to Chau. And I too was equally stunned that the kids looked way past Chau’s disability and saw how he shined with his amazing talent. Can’t help but feel a bit weepy on how children look at things so differently from us adults.

Chau is doing a commissioned work and I urge people to please think about owning one of his works. What an inspiration! He is a perfect reminder that we can do great works in the face of adversity. We only have to take the sword and wield it. In Chau’s case, the brush. No limits indeed.

Will hopefully get his contact details soon and post it here.

Have a blessed week y’all!

Le Minh Chau
0938 778 160

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3 Responses to No Limits: Chau, the Vietnamese Painter

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    Does chau has a website where you can view and buy his art work?

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