Keep the seat belt on.

Yesterday, on our way home from Church, we were almost home when a car bumped into our Innova taxi while we were waiting for the light to change to green. We were 3 adults and 3 kids. The eldest kid was sitting at the back.

 photo 20140727_1550110_zpscef0f9ff.jpg

Couldn’t remember what the conversation was about but we were all jolted from our smooth drive home when the car behind us did not stop.

We’ve been living in Saigon for 5 years and I have to admit with just 40 kph as the maximum speed in most areas, we have been lax in using the seat belt. Back in PH, we were stickler for seat belts. We were very, very lucky. We all got out safe.

 photo 20140727_1553261_zpsb5b38395.jpgThis incident is a wake-up call for us to use our seat belts again. Not because it’s not usual to wear one in VN, doesn’t mean it’s right. There may be less accidents involving 4 wheels but never do we want to become a statistic to the fatalities.

No matter where you are, don’t get in a car without wearing a seat belt.


So today I set out for the office and yesterday’s accident has shaken me badly than I thought.

 photo 20140728_100914_zpsb2b83f20.jpgUnfortunately, the Mai Linh taxi I was on didn’t have any seatbelts! 😦

 photo 20140728_100917_zpsdee9aa07.jpgI checked both sides at the back there were no buckles. Looks like I’ll be inspecting taxis first in the future before getting on one! photo 20140728_100929_zps039de426.jpgStay safe everyone!


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  1. ttduong says:

    Good to hear you’re all safe

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