Salon Ole

 photo 20140802_100922_zpsbb96c3f3.jpgWhile biking around Phu My Hung, I’ve passed by Salon Ole lots of times. I spied that they’ve got these chairs for children so I thought it’ll be something good to try for Rafa when getting a haircut.

 photo 20140802_100736_zpsf6731ccc.jpgSo today after our “special breakfast” (according to Sam), we dropped by Salon Ole and none other than the owner, Khanh attended to Rafa.

 photo 20140802_101636_zpsbab25fba.jpgIt didn’t take much prodding for Rafa to get on the car seat for a haircut. He was distracted all throughout the session but didn’t cry! Yay! He even got a Guido tattoo!
 photo 20140802_101643_zps4a009ec3.jpgKhanh and her staff were attentive to Rafa playing with him and making sure he doesn’t fall off his seat. 😛 I could actually leave Rafa with them and have my own haircut. Yup! Salon Ole caters to both adults and children.

 photo 20140802_101716_zps4cb7474a.jpg

It was not long after Rafa removed his wrap and he was covered in hair. 😛 The staff while Rafa had his hair washed, cleaned his shirt. Never saw that service from any salon before.

 photo 20140802_101710_zps53e162b7.jpgIt was a stress free haircut for both Rafa and I. 😀

 photo 20140802_100836_zpsbd492f4a.jpgWhile we waited, Sam was given papers and crayons to draw on, while the adults were served tea.

 photo 20140802_103457_zps44d36be9.jpgSam eventually got tired of drawing and headed down to the basement activity center to play.

 photo WP_20140802_014_zps04d8a84a.jpgYou can actually rent the place for parties. photo WP_20140802_007_zpse913a418.jpgThe place has a stage, equipped with a sound system and disco lights. 😀

 photo WP_20140802_011_zpsf8abb165.jpgYou can throw a Kid Spa Party for ages 3-15. They currently offer 16USD/kid with a minimum of 6 kids and a maximum of 12 kids for a 2 hours service at this party lounge.   photo 20140802_102959_zpse1097d13.jpgCurrently they offer a Facial Treat Party, Nails Treat Party, and Salon Party. photo 20140802_103006_zps8ab7a455.jpgYou can bring in the food or coordinate with Salon Ole for catering.

 photo WP_20140802_019_zpsfa4051bf.jpgFor a cryfest-free haircut experience, bring your kids to Salon Ole! 😀

Salon Ole
156-158 Ha Huy Tap St.,
Nam Long 3, PMH, D7

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