House of Saigon

For our weekly date this week, hubby and I found ourselves walking around Ben Thanh Market. We didn’t really have any plans so we just decided to let our feet take us to wherever… until we hit The House of Saigon.
 photo image-40da361e638104e105ebeeab902be2c7c85a4237ec57a304edf70b40c0450861-V_zps544baf66.jpgIt was a stark contrast from the market feel of Ben Thanh that we decided to drop in.

 photo 20140807_182857_zps117a95dd.jpgAnd oh what a charming shop it was housed in a 4 story building (I think)!

 photo 20140807_182912_zpsf2923b18.jpgIt showcases locally made products from different artisans as well as products by The House of Saigon.

 photo image-12bcdf0c0b4cfd7fda548f79719f446a6f6278f9b43803d4557ab84632fc08d8-V_zpsb935657c.jpgI saw magnets and postcards by The Artful Gallery which I first came across in last year’s SSIS Bazaar.

 photo 20140807_183527_zpsc23b08fa.jpgAlso I saw postcards by Nga & Liem! Couldn’t resist and I just had to buy two!

 photo 20140807_183408_zps7013bded.jpgCeramics by the locals of Bat Trang —

 photo 20140807_183416_zpsd4053c4f.jpgBags by The House of Saigon —-

 photo 20140807_183446_zpse6442f59.jpg

Cinnamon products which I also came across from the last SSIS Bazaar —

 photo 20140807_183359_zps9c445d27.jpg

Even the beautifully packaged pepper and salt products from Phu Quoc were tempting!
 photo 20140807_183333_zpsc70e616a.jpgOn the ground floor was an array of products ranging from shawls, bags, postcards, homeware, and accessories.

 photo 20140807_182951_zps2b84911a.jpgAnd souvenir items, of course!
 photo image-afb931624777df2660579d2cc2cf53c4fa9ccf97115d2591ee11e09fd66f376f-V_zps5c905b39.jpg

On the next level (an elevated level) separated by a mini pond is where some clothes were for women and children.

 photo 20140807_183015_zps9d81c783.jpgQuite affordable too!

 photo 20140807_183039_zps78b6b124.jpgBut what really got me excited was the 1st floor with the jewelries and tailored dress for women!

 photo 20140807_183104_zps70a3d78a.jpgThey do cost a bit but I promise you, they are exquisitely made.

 photo 20140807_183141_zpsc5139c6a.jpgI didn’t want to take close ups as I’m pretty sure the owners wouldn’t want their designs copied.

 photo 20140807_183130_zpseb9d55a3.jpgOn the same floor, linens were also on display.

 photo 20140807_183118_zpsb021c386.jpgThere were clothes for men too!

 photo 20140807_183226_zps0c955d31.jpgThen on the topmost floor is the cafe.

 photo 20140807_175258_zpsdfc3cd4b.jpg

Unfortunately, that day, they had an event so their menu was pretty much wiped out.
 photo 20140807_175302_zpsc9e232f2.jpg

Would have loved to try their macarons. Well maybe next time. But I did enjoy my Saigon Spring juice of orange, passion fruit, and honey —
 photo 20140807_175242_zps309cad81.jpgwhile hubby had the Sapo Love Coffee (Sapoche + Coffee). Sapoche is chico! And this actually really good. It had a rich mocha flavor. We both enjoyed our drinks as we watched the street outside.

 photo 20140807_175631_zps74d1072c.jpg

I just love how this building was designed with a skylight.

 photo 20140807_175643_zps5be73624.jpg


With the middle of the store unencumbered by ceilings except for the skylight, it gave the whole place a feeling of space. photo 20140807_183212_zpsc95d391b.jpgVisit the House of Saigon at 16-18-20 Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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  1. An Lee says:

    Thank you for your information!

  2. merly says:

    I would check this out. Lyra! Thanks again.

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