Food Trip: Ciao Bella

Before there was Saffron, there was Ciao Bella.
 photo 20140812_122533_zpsa5ae9781.jpgSaffron, Ciao Bella, and the new restaurant, Aura are from the same group of restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Well, I have yet to try Aura which is currently undergoing renovations.  photo 20140812_122517_zps629bf696.jpg

The appetizers in Saffron and Ciao Bella are the same so definitely gratifying! We had their Caesar’s Salad which is exceptional as always! Bacon in your salad? How can you dislike, right?

 photo 20140812_124327_zps50a36a78.jpgKat, who introduced me to Ciao Bella, ordered the Sea Bass — which literally melts in your mouth.

 photo 20140812_124344_zps734f8cda.jpgI ordered the Goat Cheese Ravioli. I love this! Although the plating could definitely be better, the taste is awesome! Kat doesn’t like goat cheese so I had this all to myself. 😛

 photo 20140812_130129_zpsc14f7dc3.jpg


Similar to Saffron, their lunch meal ends with dessert and tea/coffee. 

Looking for affordable Italian food to satisfy your cravings?  Ciao Bella is the place to be.


Ciao Bella
11 Dong Du, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

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