Paper Kraft

Shameless plugging of my new offering — Paper Kraft. A friend from the Philippines (Hi sis Ai!) introduced me to this and would like to offer the same here in Vietnam.

 photo 59725_1447045382249999_1159459523679177052_n_zps3d843e81.jpg

Paper cut outs for family trees, cards, labels, calling cards, and more…

 photo IMG_2223_zpse4a36e23.jpgI personally like the Family Trees —

 photo IMG_2209_zps51d7d4cc.jpgThey’re nice decors for the home.

 photo 20140709_164255_zps623e19c3.jpgAnother is the significant dates where you can put in family members’ birth dates and mom & dad’s wedding anniversary.

 photo 1926915_1429866493967888_8132218287766726274_n_zps60a7112d.jpg

These are one-of-a-kind thoughtful gift ideas for family and friends.

  photo IMG_2220_zps599cd496.jpgAnd if you have a family motto you want your kids to always remember, why not place it somewhere where all in the household can see? This one is vinyl on canvas.

To order email Please like PaperKraft on Facebook.


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