The Cake Factory Vietnam

Finally got to try ordering from The Cake Factory Vietnam for my son’s 6th birthday. We didn’t plan anything grand, just cupcakes and juice for my sons’ Kinder class.
 photo 20140822_101743_zpsde2b145e.jpgIt was just so easy to order. Just email the design you like at least a week before and voila, you get what you ordered.

 photo 20140822_101757_zpsd69c6dcc.jpg

Sam is still in his Lego/blocks stage. And we see no end to his interest. HIs younger brother, Rafa is following suit. So it looks like this will be a recurring theme.
 photo 20140822_101807_zps89e61fb0.jpgWe had the same theme for Rafa’s 1st birthday.

 photo 20140822_101821_zpse8cf12bb.jpgA couple of blocks fell off the cupcakes but it was no problem, the delivery guy helped fix it. The kids were actually wary about the blocks, thinking they were toys! They didn’t want to eat ’em!

 photo 20140823_132129_zpsbe97a019.jpgWe also gave out some souvenirs with the help of a kraft paper, washi tape, and cut-outs by PaperKraftVN 😀

 photo 20140822_131154_zps321e9adf.jpgI know, I know shameless plugging! 😛

 photo 20140822_131308_zps2283ac14.jpgBack to The Cake Factory, I highly recommend them with the ease of communication and delicious goodies. We got the chocolate and red velvet by the way and they were yummy! Not too sweet!


The Cake Factory Vietnam
0903 193 350 – 0913 737 013


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