Amazing things on Vietnamese Motorbikes

By guest blogger, Sophia Wright

Vietnam is completely different from all other countries I have visited so far. The amount of things happening everyday is overwhelming. It is just like another world and totally differs from home. I was very much expecting getting around the country to be surprising and challenging.

My impression about Ho Chi Minh City? It is chaos. There are more motorbikes than people. I like to call it Scooter City. Scooters have dominated the city, and when there is not enough space on the roads, people just drive on the pedestrians. “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do” so I booked a scooter road trip from a tour company to discover around the city and Mekong Delta.
 photo Picture1_zps0ece2187.jpg

I had seen photos on internet showing different things that carried on their scooters in Southeast Asia but up until I visited Vietnam, I had not actually witnessed it…by thousands. Yes, people carry strange, ridiculous and crazy things that you can think of on the bikes. Sitting on the back of the tour guide’s bike, I was happily observing the changing scenery. Well, here are some of the funny things that I captured on Vietnam roads.
 photo Picture2_zpse9d1e1af.jpg

Dozens of live gooses strapped in a cage at the back of a motorbike, hung by every possible appendage.
 photo Picture3_zps5f0505de.jpg

Some pigs get their first and probably last ride around town
 photo Picture4_zpsc4c91383.jpg

A full size refrigerator
 photo Picture5_zps4fbc756d.jpg

Doing gym while riding motorbike!
 photo Picture6_zpsd390f1ba.jpg

I have no idea how he managed to keep heavy sacks in place while riding

 photo Picture7_zps82b318fd.jpg

The crazy number of snacks crammed onto this man’s motorbike.

 photo Picture8_zps4b22c91f.jpg

The impressive amount of bananas was carried on the back of (in fact, all over) the motorbike. I wondered why the bananas weren’t crushed
 photo Picture9_zpsbe1b08b8.jpg

Surprising: President Hochiminh on the ride!!! He seems to be pleased and comfortable on the chair while observing the city though.

Tell me which photo is your favourite?

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3 Responses to Amazing things on Vietnamese Motorbikes

  1. noelleisme says:

    Both of them… ❤
    But I like this one the most cos the Middle Autumn Festival is coming, and the best time to celebrate it will be tomorrow evening: The crazy number of snacks crammed onto this man’s motorbike.
    This one referred to my childhood, I ❤ those color snack a lot…, it was made from white rice and sugar! 😉
    Do you have any plan for Trung Thu? 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Haha me like the gooses =]]

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