Catch “The Mist” at the Saigon Opera House

Last night, we were invited to watch the premiere showing of “The Mist” featuring the performers of Arabesque at the Saigon Opera House.

 photo 20140915_190945_zps66aa0709.jpg

I love the Saigon Opera House. It’s like stepping back in time. The French colonial architecture is well-preserved.

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Directed by AO Show Saigon‘s Nguyen Nhat Ly and Nguyen Nat Loc, The Mist is a contemporary dance performance depicting the life of farmers as they go about their daily tasks in the early morning mist. Unlike the AO Show Saigon though, The Mist caters to a more mature audience.

 photo 20140915_191813_zps81c03750.jpgTo set the tone, the entrance of the opera house was adorned with native products covered in rice husks. And once you enter the main auditorium, you would hear the sounds of crickets and frogs like you would in the countryside.

 photo sympolicdance_zps113d7d85.jpgThe performance began with farmers waking up to perform their tasks in the rice paddies.

 photo _DT_5457_zpsb35426d5.jpg

The performance focused on the life in the countryside, like going to market, husking the rice, and tending the rice fields. photo _DT_5410_zps10972d45.jpgI was happy to sit beside James Pham who helped me understand some parts of the show.

 photo Spiritual_zpsd98c72ca.jpgI have to admit though that one part of the show confused me — the scene right after a big storm where the women danced as if possessed. Was it the storm they were interpreting? 😛

 photo Joy_zps086c3cd6.jpg
I mean in the Philippines, we name our typhoons using women’s name because as theysay, as a typhoon always changes directions and the wrath it inflicts , so do women. 😛

 photo su31B0o31B0ngSo31B03010m4_zps9884b6f0.pngTwo performances stood out for me. The first was when the farmers began using native instruments to make music. The audience were able to join in using these —which according to my 6 year old were nunchuks. LOL. Hubby said that these are actually rice ladle joined together.

 photo 20140915_192109_zps6ed6e514.jpgMy second favorite performance was the love story portrayed in ballet.

 photo Love_zpsec57ebd4.jpgIt was a lovely, elegant performance! It was like watching a dramatic choreography by Sonya Tayeh of  So You Think You Can Dance. 🙂

 photo Ngo3230cAnhampTo30203010Nhu31B0TrongSu31B0o31B0ngSo31B03010m_zpsd3f4f478.jpgThe show ended with a rain of rice symbolizing abundance.

 photo _LHT0681_zpsda747943.jpg

The Mist will be shown again on September 18, October 15 and 16. The show starts at 8 pm and is approximately 60 minutes.

 photo Su31B0o31B0ngso31B03010m2copy_zps9ac402b1.jpg

You may book your tickets at Arabesque Vietnam or send an email to
 photo _LHT3458_zps5c9c1768.jpg

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