Ava’s Closet

 photo Avas_zps4ff8f410.pngMy first Ava dress was from the Summer Collection. What caught my eye were the unusual print and the classic lines. The fabric felt soft and cool — perfect for the hot summery months of Saigon.

 photo 20140929_172146_zps4e175bfa.jpg

As a Filipino, my worry with Vietnam-produced clothes is the sizing.  My frame is far far from the Vietnamese lean shape. That’s why I was quite happy that Ava’s made sure that my choice of dress fitted me well. Yes, they took my measurements and made one especially for me!

 photo 20140929_172107_zps3f04b926.jpg

Ava’s Closet is a feminine clothing line by Australian designer, Helen Corbett Holani. The fabric is sourced from India and other countries depending on what the design calls for.

 photo 20140929_172053_zps067550a5.jpg

Ava’s brand caters to career-driven women with a unique sense of style. They are women that fly – able to balance a successful career with their family life and still have time to pursue their personal happiness.

To complete the Ava look, Ava offers accessories from local designers, scarfs,
 photo 20140929_171748_zps1b06a69e.jpg

— and Mary & Marie bags.
 photo 20140929_171802_zps39bc2fb8.jpg

They’ve got dressy earrings —

 photo 20140929_172726_zpsac5e9fe8.jpg

Bracelet and bangles too —

 photo 20140929_172923_zpsd07cb783.jpg

Check out their necklaces —
 photo 20140929_173236_zps83323b85.jpg

Intricately designed —
 photo 20140929_173212_zps64c7763a.jpg

There’s a T-shirt line as well for men called Nam’s shirts.
 photo 20140929_171941_zps4a6b5302.jpg

Nam’s shirts also have Western sizes.

 photo 20140929_171911_zps8b70ef0a.jpg

If you or someone you know has that lookbook look, why not send your (or a friend’s) profile to Ava and be the next Ava’s Dress Up Girl.

 photo 20140929_173659_zps7e63610b.jpgYou can find Ava’s Closet at:

53B Nguyen Du St., District 1
Station 3A, 3A Ton Duc Thang in District 1

Happy shopping!

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