Zippy Bags by Caroline Istas

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Last year, Caroline Istas published the Travel Logbook for children. My son loved filling out the pages about his trips. Now Caroline is back with her Zippy Bags!

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Caroline is from Antwerp, Belgium. She studied History of Art at the Brussels Academy of Art and Photography at Sint Lukas, Brussels.

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She moved to Vietnam some 10 years ago and spent her time initially specializing in underwater photography and teaching diving with Rainbow Divers where she also met her husband.

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After launching the Travel Logbook, she became busy preparing illustrations and commissions for a wide range of exclusive clients.

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To further her education in design, she trained in the Saigon Academy of Design.  And now, she is focusing on printing her own designs.

 photo 10717573_10154561822885136_2021723207_n_zpsaef10a3e.jpgZip by Albetta Kids in District 2 or 7 to get your very own handy Zippy Bag.

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