Feast at La Fiesta!

If you love Scott and Binh’s in District 7, you’re going to love the new Tex-Mexican place Scott and his wife, Duc just opened in District 1 called, La Fiesta! Fellow blogger and friend, Grace Maling shares their gastronomic experience.   —–>

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I always look forward to the weekend as everybody else does. My Friday after work routine starts and ends early and not the typical ‘weekend’ drinks or party for some. I usually finish work at 3pm, do a bit of window-shopping around the city, and have coffee with a friend whilst I wait for my husband to finish work as well. Last Friday was a bit different, I, my husband and another couple friends decided to try the newly opened Tex-Mex restaurant ‘La Fiesta’. This is owned and run by the same guy behind Scott and Binh’s in District 7. When we learnt that Scott is opening a new food haven in District 1, I was really excited! When we used to live in PMH (we moved to D2), visiting his restaurant was part of our weekend activities. Scott and Binh’s is very special to us as they catered for my daughter’s baptism and 1st birthday parties. So imagine how ecstatic it is to know that we can have a taste of what Scott can offer right in the middle of the city!

I made the reservation just like old times and got a call back straight away from Scott. When we arrived, tortilla chips and salsa were served immediately. Scott and his team were waiting patiently when he started presenting the menu and what La Fiesta can offer.

The menu is extensive but it helped that I am already aware of what La Fiesta has to offer (thanks to social media!) so choosing was not difficult. We really came with an empty stomach so we ordered a lot to share amongst the 4 of us. We had ‘Quezo Mac’, fish taco, quesadilla and the lamb enchilada. When our orders came, we were in awe with the servings! They were huge! They were really meant for sharing!

 photo P_20141002_181812_LL_zpsdbfc1377.jpgQuezo Mac is not your ordinary Mac and cheese! You can immediately taste the tex-mex twist with the first spoon!

 photo IMG_1265_zpsd071aa0c.jpgThe fish taco is spot on! The fresh herbs and spices play beautifully in the mouth!

 photo P_20141002_181828_LL_zps2c9c4bf5.jpg*** Chipotle Lamb Shoulder Enchiladas is to die for. The meat is so tender and the flavor is delectable!

 photo P_20141002_175932_LL_zps2c7ca13e.jpg

By the end of our meal we were already stuffed but we did not pass up on having desserts and a cocktail. We thought we were already there so might as well try what we can.

 photo IMG_1244_zps7ed7f202.jpg

*** Desserts were too hard to resist, we had the La Fiesta Parfait and Chocolate Brownie Sundae with Ice Cream, Peanuts, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Whip Cream and both brought us to dessert heaven!

 photo IMG_1243_zpse1a0ce6c.jpg

I could not help but share a Facebook status in the middle of my meal to my friends because it was unfair not to let them have the experience I was enjoying! Scott and his team were very welcoming and most especially the food was great. A superb Tex-Mex experience in HCMC!

La Fiesta
33 Dang Thi Nhu, District 1

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