Food Trip: Sticky Fingers

 photo stickyfingers_zpsf750de12.pngEvery now and then, I check Tripadvisor to find out what’s new in Saigon when I came across Sticky Fingers. It garnered a lot of good reviews so hubby and I were interested to try their menu.

 photo menu_zpsb64a38a3.pngThe menu had us at Ribs.

 photo 20141028_190224_zps1eb6f068.jpgSince they only do delivery and only within District 1 during peak hours, I decided to have Sticky Fingers Pork Ribs and BBQ 1/2 Chicken delivered to our office before I headed on home.

 photo 20141028_190246_zps1e65882f.jpgOrdering was easy through their website. And a few minutes after hitting the check out button, I received a call to confirm my order. They delivered right on the dot. No delivery fee within District 1.
 photo 20141028_190321_zpsc36bc219.jpg

Despite the huge traffic jam on the way home, the food still tasted delicious. I liked the chicken better over the ribs though. I have to admit that I still consider Red Tomato’s ribs more mouthwatering than Sticky Fingers’. Red Tomato’s is more tender with the meat falling of the bones with just a nudge of a fork. And, though the signature sauce of Sticky Fingers is savory, it didn’t completely seep through the meat. But it still left me licking my sticky fingers. 🙂

Will I order again? Absolutely! Can’t wait to try the other food in their menu.

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1 Response to Food Trip: Sticky Fingers

  1. C says:

    You should try Oink Oink, i think the vietnamese spelling is Ouht ouht

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