Food Trip: Pasta Box

 photo 20141030_131359_zpsea1e5ab7.jpgWhere I work, the food is expensive. Here’s to hoping that the food at Ramen and Little Tokyo restaurants are reasonably priced.

I’m not too picky on my meals but I do get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Last week, a friend (Hi Paolo!) recommended Pasta Box. According to an article, they’ve been in business since the start of the year.

 photo 20141030_122109_zps2377622c.jpg

So I decided to try it out by ordering through Vietnammm. The process is quick and painless. 😛

 photo 20141030_122144_zps38b2f1c1.jpg

They have lots of options to choose from and I had to resort to asking friends on what to order. Pesto won so pesto it was! I should have ordered the large size as my pasta looked sad. Haha. The price starts at a little over 50,000 VND. The minimum delivery is 50kVND with delivery at 20kVND. If you order over 100kVND, delivery is free.
 photo 20141030_122220_zps711c65de.jpgI also ordered a Chicken Panini which my office mate liked.

Needless to say, will be ordering again.

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