And the prizes go to…

Drum roll please…

Sorry for the delay. I’ve actually contacted some of the winners already and here is the official result.

Albetta voucher, 3 The Bean Store dining vouchers, and 3 Vietnam Bike Tours (Sunday Bike Ride) free ride: Pauline Carpenter

2 The Bean Store dining vouchers each: Armi Deticio, Ruth Balbon, Soki (and Ryan) Frianeza

Vietnam Bike Tours (Sunday Bike Ride) free ride:”
Armi Deticio (4)
Soki & Ryan (2)

La Fiesta Dining Voucher: Gladz Byko

2 AO Show Saigon tickets each:
Peter Ly
Clara Guzman

The winning captions of the AO  Show Saigon photos are “Vietnamese Porcupine” by Peter Ly and “Lotus on Wheels” by Clara Guzman! (Thanks Pauline for reminding me to put this information!).

I would like to thank Kimmy Nguyen of AO Show Saigon and my good friend, Katrina Alday for choosing the winning captions.

Again, thank you to our sponsors!
 photo Belliblossom-Logo-vi_zpsb20ab54a.png
 photo logo2_zps486feedd.png
 photo albettalogo-01_zps56a54b07.jpg

 photo Vietnam_Bike_Tours_logo_-_email_zps0ae39dd1.png
 photo 1013399_515939521789195_654702823_n_zps938fdb3d.jpg
 photo logo_zpsd114032c.jpg
 photo LOGOAOSHOW_full_nentrang_zpsdcbb2c64.pngCongratulations to all the winners!

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