Food Trip: Caffe Bene

Yet again, another coffee shop in Saigon, Caffe Bene.  I didn’t know it is the largest coffeehouse chain in South Korea.
 photo 20141030_174431_zpsb91006b9.jpg
When they were building this cafe, I was rolling my eyes. There’s a couple of Trung Nguyen and one Phuc Long along the same street. What else could it possibly offer?
 photo 20141030_172623_zps8fe1d44c.jpg

I was soooo wrong. Look at the wide selection for desserts!
 photo 20141030_172601_zps56999e0d.jpg

They also sell their special blends.

 photo 20141030_172650_zps0968724e.jpgI wasn’t really curious about their drinks and opted to try their Coffee Bingsu.

 photo 20141030_173845_zps673e3c41.jpg

This is salted shaved ice with ice cream topping, nuts, and chocolate cornflakes. Perfect for a hot day! On our second visit with the kids, I ordered this one again. We walked from the Cathedral to the cafe on a very hot Sunday morning. But if you won’t be having anybody to share this with, better skip this. This is humongous!

 photo image-1c796c4f37e0162abf0f9b84387b346bf3a3310e17f89b59e1a9dbc180e5a6d0-V1_zps00f23a76.jpgSam tried the choco-banana waffle. And he finished it off by himself.

 photo image-ba90a5cdc5dcafe2292436a8d51b9bef397f898bb103997a2e819bf9f12e0d47-V1_zps6f5a1986.jpg

Hubby ordered the cheese bread and ang laki (big portion) for one.  I tried this too and this was actually flavorful. I’d easily come back for this.

 photo 20141030_173052_zpse64b1b99.jpg

The cafe is nicely designed and it had lots of tables for couples and big groups. But I liked the upper floor better especially with the shelves filled up with books.

 photo 20141030_173519_zps63bed6c7.jpgI even spotted this book about the owner.

 photo 20141116_115021_zpsc20951dd.jpgThis cafe is strategically located near my bus stop so…it goes without saying…that the temptation to drop by is constant. 😛 However, I haven’t tried their coffee. Hubby tried their mocha frappe which tasted like the usual. I mean, how should a mocha frappe taste like, right? 😛

 photo 20141030_172919_zps00642ad9.jpgCaffe Bene
58 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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