Food Trip: Ichiban Sushi

A week ago, I’ve heard about Ichiban Sushi over a going away dinner for a dear friend, Shirley at the Thao Dien Village. I will miss Shirley’s delicious creations here in Saigon. 😦 Gotta make that trip to her Pastry Passion on our next Manila visit.  photo 20141120_174511_zps79c001c8.jpg So back to Ichiban Sushi. I got curious and since it’s currently ranked #2 in Tripadvisor on restaurants in HCMC, hubby decided to try it out on our Thursdate. Ichiban Sushi doesn’t give you the Japanese-vibe with their seemingly Gothic-inspired interiors.  photo 20141120_174651_zps53c11715.jpg The first floor is dimly lit while the upper floor is brighter. Tables are sectioned with bead curtains to create a private space for the diners.  photo 20141120_174524_zpsd58d1d91.jpgWe were served edamame beans while we waited for our orders. We ended up with mostly salmon. 😛  photo 20141120_174619_zps1a5de4cd.jpg For starters, we had seared tuna salad. Then we had the salmon sashimi, Mr. Van’s maki ( Chef Van’s award winning roll salmon, avocado, flying fish eggs, fried shirmp, spicy sauce), USA maki (fried eel, cream cheese, salmon, flying fish egg, bonzu sauce, bonzu giner garlic sauce, onion), and the salmon nigiri. For the salmon nigiri, we tried their black rice instead of the regular white rice. I wish we did it for all the dishes we tried because the black rice gave the salmon nigiri more flavor.  photo 20141120_175333_zps1e7b19ad.jpgSeared Tuna Salad  photo 20141120_175032_zps79c97d3c.jpgSalmon Sashimi  photo 20141120_175353_zps8f2dc0e7.jpgMr. Van’s Maki  photo 20141120_182026_zpsbb924137.jpgUSA Maki  photo 20141120_175752_zps8352f6ef.jpgSalmon Nigiri with black rice  We were also looking to have Uni which we haven’t seen in any other Japanese restaurants in Saigon. But mygulay it was so expensive. May be if we’re celebrating a special occasion… 😛  photo 20141120_174031_zps5ae05690.jpg Definitely coming back to this one. Ichiban Sushi 204 Le Lai, Ben Thanh, HCMC +84 8 6270 8686

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