Food Trip: Toilet Kingdom

We were browsing through the Word magazine when we saw an article about the Toilet Kingdom. Intrigued by the feature as well as a similar restaurant in Japan we’ve seen on TV, we decided to try out the Toilet Kingdom here in the city.

 photo 20141121_111630_zps139d1cbd.jpg
And boy was it far from our home! We thought we’d get lost going to this part of the city as we don’t really venture far from our home.

 photo 20141121_111633_zps959b0e6a.jpgWith a toilet seat for a sign, it was definitely hard to miss.

 photo 20141121_111843_zps100a435c.jpg

Good thing all the girls agreed to go and so we had a roaring good time laughing at the furniture and the tableware.

 photo 20141121_111855_zps4df2001a.jpgThis was the waiting room. The seats were actually comfortable.

 photo 20141121_111932_zps9bd4e4b8.jpgTrue to the theme of the place, there were tiled benches and showers.

 photo 20141121_112328_zpsbb65b3a2.jpgThe King Toilet in the menu doesn’t seem so bad, don’t yah think?

 photo 20141121_112836_zpsfcaf9b11.jpgMy lemon juice tasted real good. I was worried that with it being served in a urinal would affect the taste 😛

 photo 20141121_114401_zps9ae00b9c.jpg

Tea was served in a toilet seat. It was actually very sweet according to my friend…and let’s not start about how it looked like. *shudders*
 photo 20141121_114528_zpsfa88e074.jpgSince we arrived around lunch time, we tried their lunch menu which wasn’t extensive compared to the desserts, juices, and smoothies.
 photo 20141121_114723_zps408df4d5.jpgWe ordered spring rolls served on a urinal and mi xao bo on a bath tub.

 photo 20141121_114733_zps92f25696.jpg

I went to the other part of the restaurant and saw this —
 photo 20141121_122303_zps057e10ae.jpgRafa was not too happy with the place. LOL. He just woke up in this photo.

 photo 20141121_122334_zpsa64f53a6.jpg

If you decide to go, focus on the desserts, smoothies, and their specialty drinks. The food was actually just so-so.

 photo 20141121_122351_zps3c977969.jpg

But we did have a real fun time enjoying the theme of the place! 😉

Toilet Kingdom
29/2A Duong D2, Phuong 25,
Binh Thanh District, HCMC

098 866 16 73
7 am to 11 pm

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