Food Trip: Ole!

When in Saigon, you should definitely try out authentic Vietnamese cuisine but… I have to admit, Saigon is also a gastronomic center of international dishes. And a week ago, Katrina introduced me to Ole! — currently #6 in Tripadvisor.
 photo 20141127_122455_zps4274cbc8.jpgBeing Filipino, I am no stranger to Spanish food. In fact, most of our local dishes are adopted Spanish dishes. Upon entering Ole!, it was actually like coming home.

 photo 20141127_122652_zpse69c4614.jpgWhen eating out with Katrina, I usually defer to her food choices. 😛 We had the croquetas, chorizo, and the fideua. I miss paella but the fideua was delicious and wasn’t too heavy on the stomach. One order of Fideua is good for 4 people! Kat and I couldn’t finish it!
 photo 20141127_122851_zps360ca1bf.jpgAppetizers

 photo 20141127_124103_zps199297d7.jpg

 photo 20141127_124006_zps7dafc52a.jpgMonica serving the chorizo

 photo 20141127_130443_zps59bd5454.jpgMixed Fideua

 photo 20141127_130728_zps9d76cbec.jpgChef Tony and his wife, Monica are very visible in Ole! Such a warm couple!

Craving for some home-cooked Spanish meal? Ole! is a must visit!

129B le Thanh Ton, Phuong Ben Nghe, Q.1,
Ho Chi Minh City

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  1. beervn says:

    don’t forget to try all microbreweries…

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