Photo Oi Photo Booth Changes Owners

Back in 2012, with a couple of friends, we decided to venture into Photo Oi Photo Booth. Photo booths are the in thing in Manila where we came from. Actually, it has been “in” for 5 years or so but hasn’t really caught on in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fast forward to 2014, we have just let go of our booth to equally talented and passionate local owners. photo 1795284_818732488191339_6021415782232620174_o_zps14c06779.jpg

It was a great run. We learned a lot about establishing a small scale business in Ho Chi Minh City while enjoying running the business with partners who have become lifelong friends. And we had great fun!  photo 10365471_818728608191727_6234522333501519767_o_zpsb6945cd1.jpgOur decision to let go of the business was based on our personal circumstances that there will be some movement within the team to move outside Vietnam. So before that fateful day happens, we had to make sure that the business we love will be continued to be run by a capable team.

Photo Oi will continue to be of service in Ho Chi Minh City and who knows, you might see it elsewhere in Vietnam! 😉

Please book with them today to bring that extra oomph to your event!

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