Our friends from Sense Asia have worked hard for the past 9 months to present the best teas sourced only from local Vietnamese farmers. photo Picture4_zpsf54dd9ba.jpg

“We have carefully chosen the best teas from local tea farms of Vietnam and turn All Country in One Box with our Premium Tea Collection with 32 varieties of tea. We create the most exotic, curious and healthy gift from Vietnam. So every person in the world can try different kinds of Vietnamese teas, choose which one he likes and share with friends.”

 photo Picture2_zpsb2bf7060.jpg Beautifully packaged, these are perfect gifts for Christmas for love ones and friends. And yes, they are TEA-rrific gifts for friends abroad!

 photo Open-Box_05_zpsc7a1bc5c.jpg

You can get a box of 32 different teas or with variants of 4 and 16.
 photo Bigbox_zps3fbf6026.jpg

Teas are sourced from different cities and provinces of Vietnam including: Ho Chi Minh, Ha Naoi, Ha Long, Sa Pa, Hue, Nha Trang, Da Lat, and Phan Thiet.

 photo TeaCollection_All_02_zps223d95d0.jpgYou can also choose to have a box of all 16 with North Vietnam flavors or South Vietnam flavors. It’s like choosing your palate adventure. 🙂

 photo Puzzle-Map_zps1bcd3a83.jpg

I have always hoped I’d visit Hue before we go home to Manila but in case we didn’t, I’m glad I got a taste of what Hue farmers offer. From the Hue Premium Collection, they have the Blue Rose Tea, Imperial Hue Tea, Oolong, and Pu-erh.  Each tea shows the caffeine content, and being one who tries not to get too much caffeine, the Pu-erh and Imperial Hue Tea were perfect for me!  photo Picture1_zps52cc3bf4.jpgGo ahead and give your friends a  taste of Vietnam by ordering your box today! Cap off your holiday dining with a relaxing cup of tea! ORDER NOW!

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