Saigon Murder Mysteries

I have been wanting to join Saigon Murder Mysteries on one of their events.  Tat Lay has been very kind to offer me a spot and when I couldn’t because of conflicting schedules, he gladly gave my spot to Kellie Lund who arrived in Saigon just 4 months ago. I thought it would also be a perfect introduction for Kellie to the Saigon social scene. And I’m glad she accepted! Read about her unique experience —

Even the email began with a mysterious tone. I was excited to hear about where we were supposed to meet for Saigon Murder Mysteries, so when I got the email with the directions to the home in District 7 that would be our setting, it was the perfect kick-start to the activity. The location was difficult to find, so (the owner of the company, Tat), made the directions specific and included photos taken at night of eerie-looking street corners to depict each turn to arrive at the home. The suspense of what it would be like, who my character would be and if I would be able to solve the mystery was intense!

 photo tat_zps4e137f14.jpg

On the way in the taxi with my fiancé, Jon, it was dark outside and we showed the pictures so the driver could navigate the streets. We passed houses in construction and a creepy, abandoned mini-carnival! (But then again, this is just typical Saigon). When we arrived at the doorstep, we were surprised to be at an extraordinary house filled with people decked out in special and unique Greek attire. Certain “characters” were the narrators or main people who would lead our mind-game adventure for the night and they were already “in character” and introducing themselves with their Greek name with a smile and a wink.

 photo IMG_1022_zps96a02c58.jpg

The caterers gave us our welcome drinks of rum and coke with lime, and we socialized and ate the complimentary appetizers being served to us until it was time to begin! We were given our character name tags and letter with objectives and clues.

I’d never participated in something that felt like such a fun trip into the imagination, while also being a social game where the usual new-person-meeting “small talk” wasn’t an option, because we had secrets to uncover and goals of people to talk to/what to talk about.

 photo IMG_1020_zps2bf627aa.jpg

Those who had paid a bit more to play a more substantial role in the game as a main character were definitely more natural theater-type folks who enjoyed acting their role to the fullest, and they made the event a hilarious spectacle. The woman character that was “murdered” fell to the floor with a dramatic scream and then the next round of clues and discussions brought a more excited rush to the room.

 photo IMG_1013_zps6af6fb60.jpg

I was so entertained by talking to and watching everyone play the game that I wasn’t able to solve the mystery, haha. Jon, who is more analytical and logical than me was proud to have narrowed it down from the crowd of maybe 30 people- to 2 people who he deduced to be the murderer!

Saigon Murder Mysteries was such a unique and cool experience that would be so fun for expats to get their friends together for, or even for travelers passing through Saigon who want to experience an international-style game of wit, mystery and absolute social entertainment!

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  1. Valérie says:

    This week in the real life there is murders and killings ..

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