PH Trip: Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Our home in the Philippines is actually just 30 minutes from Tagaytay. But clearly, it has been quite a while since we returned because Tagaytay now has Sky Ranch. And unfortunately, it was the wrong time of the year to go to this place with the long queues everywhere!
 photo 20141227_103647_zps3d8b434f.jpg

Sky Ranch is an amusement park overlooking the famous smallest volcano in the whole world, Taal.
 photo 20141227_110718_zps9a1ea3b5.jpgDespite the crowds, it was a perfect day for visiting with the lovely cool weather.

 photo 20141227_105901_zpsb856925b.jpgI’m really just not fond of crowds and queuing having my fill studying at the University of the Philippines during the early 90s when queuing is a norm <insert deep breath> when enrolling for each class and the fact that I used to work in QC and Manila when I lived in Cavite (2-3 hours commute one way). I know I am ranting!

 photo IMG_2977_zps798ef575.jpgAside from lining up to get entrance tickets, you still have to line up to pay for each of the rides you want to get on. Okay so you pay for all the rides you want go first — but the line was loooong. Check out the line along at the Nessi Coaster. I just wished that they had a ride all you can ticket you can pay out front or a ticket for all the kiddie rides. That would have saved us a lot of time. My sister had to queue for an hour.

 photo IMG_2973_zps29452f8a.jpgWhile my sister patiently lined up, all we could do is take in the surroundings and wish we were on one of the rides. πŸ˜› Yes, Grinch in the Ranch. photo IMG_2968_zps38c3df44.jpgAfter consuming cotton candy and popcorn, the kids finally got to ride! And finally, there were some side shows happening.
 photo 20141227_124408_zps304be963.jpgSaw this guy walking home along the road after his gig. πŸ˜›

 photo 20141227_124401_zps57470514.jpgThankfully, the weather was great for I can’t imagine these 2 guys baking under the hot sun.

 photo 20141227_123105_zps6e760bd6.jpgOur Vietnamese nanny, wanted to go horseback riding so she got on one. πŸ˜€ After one round though, she wanted to go down!! This one roughly costs 5 USD!

 photo 20141227_123820_zpsdce85c7a.jpgI on the other hand wanted to get on this one: photo 20141227_110731_zps3bc5b1f9.jpgBut I balked at the price.
 photo 20141227_121012_zps6c284297.jpgThe kids had fun though so I couldn’t really complain all that much. My 2 year old Rafa was such a trooper and would automatically say, “Next!” after getting off a ride!

 photo IMG_2999_zpsd3baa1a6.jpgHe just got disappointed when they wouldn’t let him ride a horse with his dad because he was too young. But he did get to ride an ostrich in Mui Ne when he was much younger so…

 photo 10407636_10153062318902646_6217758114499627078_n_zps671814fe.jpgAll’s well that ends well I guess. What matters is that the kids had fun and the adults enjoyed watching the kids.

 photo 20141227_105830_zps5225e64e.jpgWould we go back? Yes! But not during the holidays!

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2 Responses to PH Trip: Sky Ranch Tagaytay

  1. caperelux says:

    I snapped a photo of that “Horses May… Fart” sign as well. LOL.

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