PH Trip: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Tagaytay

 photo 20141227_190143_LLS_zpse2de78f2.jpgOn our 6th day in the Philippines, yes, we decided to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, Bawai’s 😀 And it was ideal too because it was practically in the same area where we were staying in Tagaytay.

We actually wanted to eat dinner at Bawai’s the night before but was turned away as it was by reservation only. Bawai’s is only open 3 days a week (Friday-Sunday) and you must order in advance.

 photo 20141227_190339_LLS_zps51088785.jpg

Bawai is a family-owned business with the 1/2 of the owner is a Vietnamese lady. Bawai comes from the Vietnamese word bà ngoại which means, “grandmother”.

Since the place is really the home of the owners, they have very limited space in the second floor area (the first floor is reserved for parking), so with our big group (10 adults and 4 kids), we were designated at the garden gazebo.

 photo 20141227_190352_LLS_zps45aae39d.jpgWe can’t complain! With 4 kids, our group can be rowdy. We actually liked our private space as we were able to enjoy the cold Tagaytay weather. If you check the photo above, there are lots of Vietnamese products being sold including Vinamit and Trung Nguyen coffee (shelf). They were expensive of course! 😛

 photo 20141227_190518_zps9dacb7c0.jpgIt was a tight space but cozy. 🙂

We ordered our favorite Vietnamese dishes. And we were happy that we got Bay’s stamp of approval. She said the dishes were authentic Vietnamese recipes. 😀

 photo 20141227_192000_zps396d6787.jpgSpring Rolls 

 photo 20141227_192645_zps86058200.jpgGoi cuon
 photo 20141227_192741_zpscc4747b5.jpgGoi Rau Muong (Bawai’s House Salad)

 photo 20141227_192756_zpsc1b400da.jpgChao Tom

 photo 20141227_194234_zpsf0b4f39c.jpgBanh Xeo

 photo 20141227_194300_zps31b603dc.jpgGa Quinhon

 photo 20141227_195542_zps9d60183e.jpgCa Nuong Xa Ot (what’s left of it!!!)

 photo 20141227_195548_zps4073c90f.jpg
Tom Rang Me

Visit Bawai’s in Tagaytay at J. Hernandez Street, Pruok 5, Bucal, Silang, Cavite but contact them first by phone +63 920 972 2924.

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2 Responses to PH Trip: Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Tagaytay

  1. omg i love anything with Rang Me, so the shrimp Rang Me looks delicious!!

  2. The Greek Pinay says:

    That is a very unique dining experience!!

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