Food Trip: Quan Ut Ut

 photo 20150115_174140_zpsb18f39bf.jpgQuan Ut Ut opened last year and honestly, I thought it has been along Vo Van Kiet road forever. The humongous sign of a pig wielding a slotted spoon is hard to miss when you’re driving from District 4 going over Cau Ong Lanh  to District 1.

 photo 20150115_174640_zpsa7b68228.jpgIt’s a perfect place for big groups to chow down on some barbecue and drink beer. If I were a beer-drinking person, I would definitely feel like drinking beer here.  😛

 photo 20150115_174652_zps43d566b3.jpgI’ve been hearing lots of good things about Oink Oink (Ut Ut) since last year. I’ve been meaning to drop by but dinners don’t usually work for me. They’re only open from 4pm – 12mn 7 days a week.

 photo 20150115_174446_zpsbc6871cf.jpgWhen hubby brought me here last Thursday, I was still hung over from all the holiday eating so I wasn’t really “game” to try the food. I love barbecue but I felt full.

 photo 20150115_175009_zpsb12a29f7.jpgThe smell of smoked barbecue was hard to resist. And so we settled on the BBQ Sampler so I could have a taste of their specialties.

 photo 20150115_175815_zps6905eeca.jpgThe sampler had rib tip, shoulder, smoked chicken, sausage, corn and coleslaw. You can exchange the slaw for okra if that’s more to your liking.

 photo 20150115_180016_zps23e70ad7.jpgAnd I just had to try the chicken skin with blue cheese dip. Sinful!!!

Honestly, I would like to come back and try more of their food. It was just difficult to order when it’s only 2 of you. Barbecues are definitely for big groups!

Quan Ut Ut
168 Vo Van Kiet St., D1
08 39144500

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