FC International

 photo 20150124_174613_zpstol3v6tp.jpgA couple of years ago, Sam had a trial for Saigon Sports Academy but he was not yet ready for team sports. And he was the littlest in the team.

 photo 20150124_174407_zpsoaleliu0.jpgIn Saigon, there are quite a number of football programs. There is Saigon Sports Academy, Arsenal Schools, and a few more. There are football programs in the international schools as well.

 photo 20150124_171250_zpsm0iox0mw.jpgFor us our main issue is the location of the football field. On top of paying for the monthly classes, we have to worry about transportation costs. Luckily most of these football clubs have bus services.

 photo 20150124_171243_zpshafjzvqs.jpgThen just a block away from our apartment, the FC International started having Saturday training at Wonderland Park in District 7. We could walk Sam to the football field or most often, we ride our bikes.

 photo 20150124_174451_zpsvkv9f2yw.jpgSince it’s inside Wonderland Park, Rafa could run around as well while we wait for his brother. photo 20150124_174417_zpsspcf5uqy.jpg

Aside from fellow Filipinos, the other kids in Sam’s group are from Singapore, India, and Korea. Am not sure with the others. 😛

 photo 20150124_174341_zpsxtfucu0u.jpgRight now, the cost is 80USD for 4 weeks — which is actually affordable compared to other football centers around in District 2 and District 7.

 photo 20150124_173147_zpsurqdzvzm.jpg

If you are interested in enrolling your child, drop by the IFC field in Wonderland Park every Saturday at 4 – 6 PM. Let your child join a trial class.

 photo 20150124_173140_zps1d0i83ep.jpgFootball Club International

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