Istorya Creations

I came across Istorya Creations from a friend’s post in Facebook. Joanna Gutierrez is the lady behind the amazing collection of jewelry pieces made from high quality aluminum, brass, and copper.
 photo 20141222_165748_zpsdv5c0fsw.jpgI ordered a few from her and even sent a couple of bracelets as gifts to my bestfriend.

 photo 20141222_164911_zpspxndl7yx.jpgWe loved the leather and brass combo of our bracelets which showed the names of our boys and their birth dates.

 photo 20141223_093851_zpsi93wjnqq.jpg

Ordering was easy through the site. But it was the holiday season and Joanna was neck-deep in orders. 😛 She had to rush my order to meet my requested date. Overall, Joanna delivered.

See more of her collection here.

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2 Responses to Istorya Creations

  1. Istorya says:

    wow Lyra, this was so sweet of you to do a write up about Istorya 🙂 Im so so glad everything fell into place and that you liked them 🙂

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