PH Trip: Crisostomo

 photo 20150101_135950_zps135ismgy.jpgWhile in the Philippines, I didn’t know how much I’ve missed real Filipino cuisine than when we started looking for restaurants to dine in. We’ve missed out on a lot and our food bucket list is long. So on a rainy new year, we went to Crisostomo for lunch. I honestly have high hopes for this restaurant because it’s named after the book of Filipino national hero, Jose Rizal, lead character in Noli Me Tangere, Crisostomo Ibarra. Loved how the food were named after the characters of Noli.

We had the Crazy Sisa Squid salad, Lengua Laruja, Adobo Rice, Sisig Linares, Sinigang ni Kapitan, and the Choleng. Choleng is actually Churros with Batangas Tsokolate Fondue.

My favorite from what we ordered were the Crazy Sisa Squid salad and the Lengua Laruja (ox tongue).

However, everybody in the family were in agreement that all the food we ordered were a tad bit salty. I am not sure if it was one of Crisostomo’s off days. I sure hope so because I love, love their concept.

Even one of their waiters was not in a good mood. I’m guessing he wasn’t all too happy to be working on a new year.

 photo 20150101_140228_zpshxfyphy3.jpgCrazy Sisa Squid

 photo 20150101_140419_zpshbxl9sk1.jpgSisig Linares

 photo 20150101_141311_zps17mww1r9.jpgSinigang ni Kapitan

 photo 20150101_141323_zpsh0so1lnu.jpgAdobo Rice

 photo 20150101_141328_zpsfdhxzl8v.jpgLengua Laruja

 photo 20150101_145345_zpsosthnek6.jpgCholeng

 photo 20150101_135020_zpsr413mqx0.jpgHave you tried Crisostomo? How was it for you?

Nuvali, Alabang, Fairview, Newport, Eastwood, UP Town Center

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2 Responses to PH Trip: Crisostomo

  1. callmefrozen says:

    Which branch did you go to?

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