Shots from the Spots: Cau Phu My

 photo Fotor_142293915773570_zpse3chlurg.jpgSo last Saturday, I finally had to chance to stop at Cau Phu My and marvel at this megastructure. It was pure concrete and steel exuding raw power. Despite the rushing vehicles and the jolt when a truck would swoosh by, I felt safe.

 photo Fotor_142293913161689_zpsdmbmepn1.jpgI am not really afraid of heights but looking down at the ground below was not a pleasant experience. I’d much rather look out into the river. The water as always calms me.

 photo Fotor_14229387653462_zpsd04hzkhm.jpgLook at the cables! The symmetry is almost poetic!

 photo Fotor_142293886492384_zpsyr3bezoo.jpg

From this side of the bridge (D2), there is a steady incline for up to 500 meters. Am not sure what the angle is but it’s not that steep but what would kill you is the length.

 photo Fotor_142293894339547_zpsa5aagq5g.jpgBut it is a beauty.

This cable-stayed bridge was constructed from March 2007 to September 2009. So yeah, we were here in Saigon already when this opened.

 photo Fotor_142293897045952_zpshfwt7q28.jpg

This area is actually quite popular for couples. At sunset, you’d often sea couples on their motorbikes make a stop and watch the sun as it disappears while sipping ca phe sua da sold by vendors.

And how can you not make a step when it affords you an amazing view of the city!

 photo Fotor_142289288960489_zpsbwmlopmz.jpg

When barges pass by with their heavy load, I’m always amazed how they can remain afloat in the water. Sometimes, it’s just their load showing on the surface!

 photo Fotor_142293906398999_zpsmxbhiskq.jpgIf you can, do make a stop at Cau Phu My. Even if I had to push my bike up again, I surely will come back.

 photo Fotor_142293888871194_zpsqipghffs.jpg

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