Saving Patricia

Dear Friends,

In the Philippines, I am part of a group called Newlyweds-at-work. More than a group, it’s actually a sisterhood, where we can share our learnings and experiences as couples, parents, sisters, and friends. The members have gotten so close that we have become family.

And one of our sisters gave birth 3 months ago to a beautiful baby girl named Patricia. Patricia is suffering from Severe Larygomalacia (collapsing of the larynx) and compounded by another condition called Subglottic Stenosis (narrowing of the throat area) — meaning, Patricia has difficulty breathing and eating on her own. She has to undergo an LARYNGOTRACHEAL RECONSTRUCTION — an operation wherein a stent from her rib will be used to widen the opening in her throat. Imagine a 3 month old and needing to undergo all that!

 photo Picture1_zpsfuatslgv.pngOur group can only do so much and I would like to ask your help to please, please take time to read on baby Patricia’s condition.

The family has gone through so much. Patricia’s older brother, Peter is 1/2 of twins. He was born at 6 months and lost his twin, Philip. Today, Peter also has a medical condition that cannot be treated because of the funds are directed to Patricia who need it more.

I appeal to your kinds hearts to please extend any amount you can. Please, please include Patricia and the Parcia family (Patrick, Michelle, and Peter) in your prayers.

Let’s give Patricia a greater chance of survival. See how you can help in Go Fund Me.

To read more about them, please check Patricia’s Facebook page.

Thank you and God bless.

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