Food Trip: Hum Vegetarian Restaurant

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Friends have been raving about Hum Vegetarian Restaurant but I haven’t had the chance to try it out until last weekend my friend visited from the Philippines and insisted on vegetarian food.

 photo Fotor_142345607454348_zpsat6voi49.jpgI met Josh some 6 years ago in a birth class as I was preparing for my first birth, and she, on her second. She’s a marathoner, and yes she lives on a pesco-vegetarian diet! Can you believe that?

 photo Fotor_142345621836831_zpsehc9y8wy.jpgI loooove the ambiance at Hum! I am a firm believer that you must entice all senses when you eat and a good ambiance is a big fat plus!

I don’t remember exactly the names of what we ate but I must say the food here is topnotch! If vegetarian food is as delicious as Hum makes it, I can easily go vegetarian! It was that good!

We had the fresh veggie spring roll, Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, another salad, Tom Yum, and Veggie Tempura. Oh and they have a picture menu so it’s easy to see what looks yummy.

 photo 20150207_200807_zpsk0nbkrls.jpgFresh Veggie Spring Roll

 photo 20150207_200735_zps1zdxemlp.jpgPad Thai

 photo 20150207_200021_zpssdmz8fj1.jpgVeggie Tempura in a Noodle Basket

 photo 20150207_195546_zpsuso1modg.jpgPapaya Salad

 photo 20150207_195435_zpsistwy6hn.jpgThe salad Josh ordered which name I forgot

 photo 4cb6bd1f770ecbd5784ad452db87f9da46c0407d8dab6c03541cfa049d256871_zpsben7dwrq.jpgTom Yum

 photo b92bdd4834d1fe063deffc9a7ff83d813eeddf31492c39cd94f09e3ba2d12cd6_zpszezl0vzc.jpgManuel’s Passion Fruit and my Lemon Smoothie

We enjoyed our food here so much that we’re planning to return with friends! Apart from the good food, the price is right on the pocket.

To get a sure table, I suggest you give them a call!

 photo 8e4457c5efaf00a211b14922ae7c525db8a56bf329b3898337f89bfb75e67e73_zpsmyohd5z6.jpg

Peace does come from within but peace is also knowing you had a satisfying meal.

 photo Fotor_142345615266572_zpsuutojz6f.jpg
Hum Vegetarian Restaurant
32 Vo Van Tan St., District 3
08 3930 3819

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4 Responses to Food Trip: Hum Vegetarian Restaurant

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  3. marriedwithmaps says:

    Wow, your dishes look good. It was a little too much for us to try multiple times but if we ever return to HCM we will have to do so. If you are interested you can check out what we ate here (

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