Shot from the Spots: Thu Thiem Bridge

 photo Picture12_zpscyeldgpo.jpgSo a few weeks back, we had a short trip ’round the city and we ended up over Thu Thiem Tunnel.

 photo Picture3_zpsst31osyy.jpg

These days we have perfectly cool morning weather that you don’t realize you’re frying already under the hot sun.

 photo Picture2_zpslw4jgbvw.jpg

From across, you have an unencumbered view of Nguyen Tat Thanh and Ton Duc Thang streets.
 photo Picture1_zpsu22ysldp.jpg

The floating restaurant, Elisa is a beautiful ship!

 photo Picture6_zpsen0l9bqy.jpg

And of course, the Bitexco Financial Tower —

 photo Picture10_zpsmlsz0luw.jpg

The only thing that marred the view is the building to the left of Bitexco. I just wish they’d finish it already. It has been YEARS!

 photo Picture11_zpsertm7gqn.jpgThis spot on Thu Thiem is a park as well. And people can mill around freely. There are no establishments around so this is a terrific place to chill.

 photo Picture5_zpshtokltor.jpg
I would love to come back in the evening to see the lights. Am sure the Lunar New Year fireworks from this view will be picture perfect!

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3 Responses to Shot from the Spots: Thu Thiem Bridge

  1. Ringo says:

    I’m a frequent follower of your blog. And I really like your blog as it’s imformative about restaurants (hey I live 10-min drive to PMH!, so you know why:). Not many Vietnamese write reviews about restaurants in PMH. And the big reason I really like your blog is that you write about the nice sides of Vietnam rather than some expats blogs delving on our ugly sides and ridiculous sides. I know they have reasons to complain or make fun but sometimes, I feel ‘overwhelmed’.

    • Lyra says:

      Thanks Lyn for the kind words! I love HCMC! No country is without its flaws but we have to be fair, HCMC has a lot of beautiful things to offer. 🙂

      • Ringo says:

        Right:) Sometimes a noisy and crowded HCMC tires me down, but then I love its charms again and even more. The food is the biggest plus point to me btw:)

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