Flower Street 2015

Every time Tet rolls in, I am always excited for the flower displays around the city — particularly in District 1. This year, they had the Flower Street along Ham Nghi.

 photo 20150217_103728_zpsnh6gpqhb.jpgOf course since it’s the year of the goat (or the sheep or the ram), it is the centerpiece of the Flower Street.

 photo 20150217_095405_zps5xb5rwfw.jpgWe went on the second day of the display late in the morning so there already was a huge crowd. I just wanted to view the flowers before everything wilts. 😛
 photo 20150217_103828_zps5rakuqks.jpgJust look at that crowd!

 photo 20150217_102806_zpsv7z7yy2i.jpgI could hardly get a decent photo.

 photo 20150217_101847_zpskegsc8hb.jpgThis area was popular for shots —

 photo 20150217_101150_zpsrg0muda1.jpgWith two tots in tow, we couldn’t view all sadly. Well here are my favorite shots from the bunch I took.

 photo 20150217_103214_zps7xyry09d.jpg
 photo 20150217_103131_zpsjopovbze.jpg
 photo 20150217_102625_zpscilh6exy.jpg
 photo 20150217_102432_zpstzkqrsxn.jpg

 photo 20150217_102100_zpspbkcipcg.jpg

A tribute to the metro rail under construction.
 photo 20150217_100413_zpsjlwwe5d0.jpg
 photo 20150217_100102_zpsj7pu1vjx.jpg
 photo 20150217_095842_zpsgl6myael.jpg
 photo 20150217_103631_zpshinfq3iu.jpg
 photo 1e1ff989-2eda-47ba-8b9e-7154ba680627_zpsj40rislb.jpg
 photo 20150217_103354_zps6pn5nm2w.jpg

 photo 20150217_102828_zpsfduvrdxo.jpg

 photo 20150217_102755_zps7tpl8dk9.jpg
 photo 20150217_102747_zps9xjr38hb.jpg
 photo 20150217_102237_zpsiyetwvpf.jpg
 photo 20150217_101645_zpsgrwhqwf7.jpg
 photo 20150217_101632_zpsj55sr3ks.jpg
 photo 20150217_101556_zpsknugfsqq.jpg
 photo 20150217_101513_zpsd16pugac.jpg

This was kinda weird. But hey, signs of the times.
 photo 20150217_101351_zps461zplic.jpg
 photo 20150217_101228_zpskootudda.jpg
 photo 20150217_101038_zpsbm0xm9pz.jpg
 photo 20150217_100826_zpstdpiidzb.jpg
 photo 20150217_100728_zpsfpd0fbqc.jpg
 photo 20150217_100552_zpsdxmuxzwg.jpg
 photo 20150217_100439_zpsa4lwwztb.jpg

This is cute. 🙂
 photo 20150217_100229_zpsf4uzjdsa.jpg
 photo 20150217_100016_zpsh6td2wh8.jpgIf you haven’t gone, tomorrow is the last day! Check it out!

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