The End of Tet 2015

 photo Fotor_142466274474867_zpsuvdrvddr.jpgWhat to do on the last day of the Tet one week holiday? Grab the chance to bike a bit. And I mean a bit. We set lofty goals this morning and it got us back to Phu My Bridge. We did make it up the bridge last month, so before we head back to the grind, hubby and I decided to visit it again.

 photo Fotor_14246627905701_zpspskcltbp.jpg

But this time though, we didn’t care much about going anywhere else. May be we’ll do this our monthly thing until we overcome the weary muscles taking us up.

 photo Fotor_142466265529649_zpscedakfz2.jpgWhile resting at the top, must have some evidence I went up right? So I took this shot. πŸ˜›

 photo Fotor_142466292251649_zpsnrngjzg8.jpgBefore we went down, a lady on a road bike said hi as she pumped her way up effortlessly. Ugh. So envious. A few moments later, a young Vietnamese guy on a no-gear bike was biking his way up too. WTH?

 photo IMG_20150223_103138_zps2gcqfhuo.jpgSo we went back down to D7 from where we came from and lo and behold, no 10 minutes later, the same lady on the road bike came riding back up! WHOA! That’s her Β on the left making her way back up the bridge. ARGH!

While I on the other hand couldn’t even go down the bridge because I fear about going up again on the other side. SIGH.

How did your Tet holiday go?

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2 Responses to The End of Tet 2015

  1. caperelux says:

    I am contemplating buying a no-gear “fixie” bike. After reading this, I’m having second thoughts. Haha.

    • Lyra says:

      LOL. This was one steep bridge. I think a fixie bike is okay. The Vietnamese who passed us was on one city bike. He was smiling when he saw us but I knew he was sweating. Hahaha.

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