Dragon Dance Level Up

Even back in Manila and while working in China Town for a few years, I have had my share of dragon dance during the celebration of the Lunar New Year. Even street children join in the festivities.
 photo maxresdefault 1_zpsmvwtzfro.jpgWhen we moved here in Vietnam which is largely influenced by the Chinese culture and traditions, well, dragon dances are not only the norm during the Lunar New Year, but also during store openings.

 photo 20150220_171154_zpseyj6ei4d.jpgWith their festive colors, you can’t help but stop at your tracks and just watch the group of men dancing in perfect synchronicity.

 photo 20150220_171215_zpsojiyjaye.jpgThe thundering drums is the perfect accompaniment for such an event.

 photo 20150220_170942_zpsk1hmcawe.jpg

While this long dragon is the usual —-

 photo 20150220_170806_zpsuyrqsofv.jpgAdditional shows are included like these kids performing some fight moves —

 photo 20150220_171750_zpskb94zuap.jpgThis is not usual. So it was nice to watch this.

 photo 20150220_171819_zps8gnpzvvw.jpg

But of course the usual dragon will always be present.
 photo 20150220_170450_zpsztesm1ty.jpgBut then you have this!

 photo Fotor_142443106758523_zpsihbthcxo.jpgDragon pole dance!!! Can you imagine? There were two kids up there!

 photo Fotor_142443099425698_zpsjdxq5see.jpgHow? I have no idea!

 photo Fotor_142442650822460_zpslu8jobrx.jpgAnd then another evolution of the dragon dance is  —-

 photo 11001549_10206082023238470_5060672218607399040_o_zpsyzsklqnx.jpgPhoto by Oliver Reyes

I guess you have to change the program sometimes, eh?

 photo 1453299_10206178210313195_5892273667147773234_n_zpsqupgll9x.jpgPhoto by Nix Juban

Seen any interesting dragon dance over the new year?

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1 Response to Dragon Dance Level Up

  1. caperelux says:

    That’s a lost art here in the Philippines, when a lion has to climb things to reach the prize. The last I saw that climbed the second level of a building to get the red envelope was in the 1990s. The new athletic (kung fu) clubs do not train their lion dancers well.

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